Watermelon Festival

One of the biggest events in the area is the Naples, Texas Watermelon Festival, held each year on the last full weekend in July. The event draws people from far and wide, and a good time is had by all. The Watermelon Festival has one of the major parades in North East Texas, many craft booths, special entertainment, a street dance, and a fully sanctioned PRCA rodeo during the week of events.

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Watermelon Fest

As might be expected, there are watermelons "a'plenty" at the Watermelon Festival. Our East Texas melons are about as good as it gets. They are enjoyed by young and old alike, as you can see by the pictures below. Also, the pictures below give a little indication of the Watermelon Festival parade. Over the years, this has become a really significant parade. It is a big hit with people from near and far.

Watermelon Fest Watermelon Fest Watermelon Fest Watermelon Fest

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