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The Gazebo Naples City Hall

City Meeting Information


Notice is hereby given that a regular meeting of the governing body of the City of Naples will be held on September 9, at 6:30 p.m. in the City Hall, at 205 Main Street in Naples, Texas, at which time the following subjects will be discussed, to-wit:

1. Call the meeting to order and open with prayer.
2. Mayor's Report
3. Approve Consent Items:
a. Department Reports
b. Bills
c. Minutes
4. Comment Time- Agenda Items Only.
5. Approve the budget for 2019-2020 fiscal year.
6. Discuss and/or take action on hiring additional lawyer for City.
7. Discuss and/or take action on Head Start lease.
8. Discuss and/or take action on selling or additional usage of Civic Center.
9. Discuss and/or take action on appointing a board member for the Morris County Appraisal District.
10. Discuss and/or take action on new city ordinance outlawing abortions within the city limits of Naples.
11. Retire into Executive Session in accordance with Government Code 551.074 to discuss personnel issues.
12. Return to regular session and take action on items discussed in Executive Session.
13. Comment Time.
14. Adjourn.

September, 2019

I, the undersigned authority, do hereby certify that the above Notice of Meeting of the governing body of the City of Naples is a true and correct copy of said Notice and that I posted a true and correct copy of said Notice on the bulletin board and front door in the City Hall of the City of Naples, Texas, in a place convenient and readily accessible to the general public at all times and said Notice was posted on or before 5:00 p.m. on September 6, 2019, and remained posted continuously for at least 72 hours preceding the open meeting.


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