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This section of the site is dedicated to the efforts of former Naples mayor, Lloyd Heard, along with a great deal of support by his long-time friend, Morris Craig, of the Monitor. They were assisted by many others in this monumental task of gathering the volumes of past information and photos that will appear here as site development continues. As this section continues to develop, I am sure you will see that their efforts brought together both information and photographs that are priceless and, in many cases, irreplaceable. Therefore, I am making multiple copies of everything, to ensure that nothing is lost. I hope you enjoy browsing through this section as much as I did while incorporating this data into the Naples, Texas web site. There are no words to properly express the appreciation I have for Mr. Heard and Mr. Craig for making this data available. To access more information on the history of Naples, Texas, follow the "Naples History" links that appear on these pages.

With All My Thanks, Duane Claybrook - Webmaster.

This is an introduction page about the people, and events that occurred, in this particular area and the surrounding areas. Pictures and information can be found on the links below. I would like for you to visit each one and let me know what you think by entering your comments in the guestbook. I will read each comment. I would like to have other photographs and stories to include on these pages. If you have a good photo or story you feel would be of interest, send it to me, preferably as an attachment to electronic mail. If you can scan and send the file, .jpg files are preferable, but .gif files will work also. If a scanner is not available to you, please contact me and I will be more than happy to copy or scan the item for you. I would like these pages to include information concerning the old schools such as Carver, Dalton, Marietta, Center Point, etc; and communities like Omaha, Concord, Mt Moriah, Dalton, Bryans Mill, Marietta, Cornett, Rocky Point, and Rocky Branch. My children and grandchildren enjoy seeing the pictures and reading about the area where the family's roots began. With your help, this could be a web site that everyone would be happy to refer their heirs to for information and pictures about their heritage. Naples is located in Morris County, forty-five miles west southwest of Texarkana and fifty miles north of Longview. The population of Naples is 1508, but if you count Omaha and the entire northern half of the county, there should be a good 5000 souls living here. It is "home" to countless more. Naples is a quiet community now, but used to thrive. It began to lose a lot of its businesses when the interstate bypassed it about eight miles to the north. We still have one of the better school systems in the state. Omaha is about four miles southwest of Naples, Rocky Branch about six miles south, Dalton about four miles east, Bryan's Mill about ten miles east and Marietta about nine miles east, but about five miles or so south of Bryan's Mill. Cornett is about six miles southeast of Naples. Concord is about three miles west southwest of Omaha. Mt Moriah is about three miles north northwest of Omaha. Daingerfield, the county seat, is about twelve miles south of Naples.


My old friend Earl Wayne Stubbs, a product of Naples, has written a work of fiction entitled "The Brown Recluse". Earl was in Naples on January 22, 2009, for a book signing. More information about Earl and his book can be obtained at The Monitor office.


William W. "Bill" Henderson has also published a book entitled "Cranford & Son, Good Times Remembered" which is a compilation of stories and memories about his and his father's life in Naples. The tales contained in this book were previously run in The Monitor during the period 1996 to 1998. Bill's book is in its second printing and is available at local businesses or by calling Bill at 903-897-5413, or write Bill Henderson, P.O. Box 370, Naples, Tx 75568 The price of the book is $12.00 plus $3.00 shipping costs. I will have an additional page featuring some of these stories on this web site in the near future.


Another book written by a local author is "Diamonds that Sparkle in the Dark" by Doug Alford of Bryans Mill. This book is historical in nature and is about the people, places and activities of rural northwestern Cass County, primarily in the Bryans Mill area. The book is over 200 pages, is indexed, and the cost of the book is $30.00. You may obtain a copy of the book by contacting Doug Alford, 485 Farm Road 994, Naples, TX 75568.


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